How to use the Actions Generator

By Stockton F.

updated 6 months ago

Funnelytics Actions Generator

Here's how to use the Funnelytics actions generator in the Funnelytics Helper Tool.

Choose Event Name/Type

The event name you choose will correspond with the event name in Funnelytics. You can choose to use a custom name or choose from the predefined list. 

  • Purchase
  • Watch Video
  • Add to Cart
  • Complete Form
  • Scroll
  • Click Button
  • Pop-up Box

If you select "Custom", you will need to enter your own event name. The custom event name in Funnelytics should match the event name you choose for the "Generic" action inside of Funnelytics. 

Key and Value Pairs

The key and value pairs that you choose are the information that you want to pass to Funnelytics and to your desired integrations. 

An example of a a key and value pair, also known as parameters, would be Key=name, Value=Stockton. 

You can add as many key and value pairs that you wish. 

Dynamic Values

You can also pass values dynamically from the page into the value field of the parameter. This way you can pass the users Name, Email, and whatever other details from forms or registrations, dynamically into Funnelytics or other integrations. 

To grab a form field value dynamically:

  1. Right click in the field and select "Copy Dynamic Value" from the dropdown.
  2. Paste the "Query Selector" code into the value field parameter. 

Key and Value Pairs inside of Funnelytics

Adding parameters is NOT necessary inside of the Funnelytics actions. Although the action being generated may have multiple parameters, adding parameters into Funnelytics will act as a FILTER for the data on the canvas. 

It is recommended to leave the parameters section blank in Funnelytics unless you want to filter that action by an exact value. 

For example: You may have multiple purchase events where each event has the same name. 

In this case, anytime an action with the event name "purchase" is triggered, both actions will get fired. 

In this case we may want to add a parameters of product=product_name to the actions to differentiate them.  

Again, we're just adding the key and value pair here in Funnelytics that will FILTER the results for us. We are not adding all key and value pairs into the properties section of Funnelytics. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

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